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Thursday, September 9, 2010

iPhone Hipstamatic A New Obsession

Taken by T.Scott Stromberg using iPhone 4 and Hipstamatic App
I got a new app for my iPhone called the Hipstamatic and it is soooo cool. It comes with a bunch of lenses, different types of film, and flashes with the option to purchase more...It's a lot like shooting with a Holga camera (but digital and a lot quicker development time).

This shot to the right is out of the window at the EMC offices in Toronto. The colors and the composition came out just right. I took some more photos at the Wakeland vs Rockwall game last Friday night. You can get a glimpse by checking out my Photobucket page.

This app was like $4 and it is worth every penny. If you have some extra coin and an iPhone I think you should get this one. Lots and lots of retro fun!

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