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Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Work for Review

This is a new painting in the Swirling Eddies series that I have been working on for quite sometime. For those not familiar of this series you can check them out on my Website under Abstracts. This series originated from the skies I was creating for my abstract landscapes. I've always loved swirls and I am pretty sure they can be found in all of my paintings. I have always loved the mystic spiral and it's association with nature (from my fascination with the  Fibonacci series found in nature). These paintings are very primal for me. I really let go and immerse myself in the process. There is something very cathartic about creating Swirling Eddies.

Basically they start with a background of colors hastily blended together using large brushes, squeegees, rags, whatever can create and interesting ground. I then will often free brush some base swirls on the canvas. That leads to the foundation swirls which are created using Van Dyke Brown (thinned out) and the amazing pinstriping brushes (I get these from Amazon and they are awesome). Once the swirls are dried I put on some jazz (Bebop or Latin works best) and begin blending in colors and patterns. I really get immersed in the process it is amazing and very satisfying.

There has been a lot of time past since I did one of these so there are some interesting mutations occurring. One of the biggest changes in this series is the addition of complimentary colors. The original eddies pretty much stuck to specific color families and values, making them quite mono-chromat. These new ones with the compliments really jump off of the canvas.

I'll be showing these new works at the opening of the 2010 Frisco Arts Gala (10/1/2010 7:00-11:00 p.m.) and the Grand Opening of the New Frisco Discovery Center (10/2/2010 10:00-6:00 p.m.). In the meantime please let me know what you think.

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  1. I think they look great! I like the colors and the randomness of them. I wish I could cut loose and do soemthing like that.

  2. They are liberating. I'm starting to have a greater appreciation for Jackson Pollack. There is definitely something primitive and spiritual to do work like this. The more I do the more I like doing it.

  3. I'm up for a trade. We can discuss later

  4. Awesome! I'm in Canada again this week so when I get back lets talk