Add More Noise

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome to "Add More Noise" a blog by T.Scott Stromberg

So I've been meaning to update my blog for a long time. My old blog just wasn't easy to post with so I just quit blogging. So yesterday I attend this months Guild meeting and Jeb Matulich is presenting "Blogging for the Artist". I saw lots of different blog tools and thought I would just pick one and try and see how easy it would be to create a blog and post on it. Well what you see here is the beginning of my new blog. It is definitely a work in progress but so far I am loving Blogger.

A big THANK YOU to Jeb for inspiring me to get off my butt an continue to blog. If you would like to see Jeb's blog– Junky Trinkets then just click here.


  1. The banner is awesome! I look forward to your posts!

  2. Yep, Jeb inspired me too! I've yet to start my blog but I'm reading all kinds of them. Thanks Jeb and thanks T.Scott...keep lighting a fire under us :)

    Enjoyed seeing your work at the Discovery Center this past weekend. I can totally relate to your artist statement.