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Monday, October 11, 2010

Walk the walk, talk the talk...

It is one thing to be able to create art, it is quite another to be able to articulate clearly one's feelings and meanings about the art. I for one really struggle with the process of communicating my fine art. Subsequently, I do not have as much a problem discussing the other interests in my life (ie., design, information architecture, usability design, and music). "What's the deal?"

Well, I've done a lot of soul searching and research and I think I have come up with an answer. My fine art (the art I do for myself and not for others) is very personal. Unlike my commercial work which I consider more of a creative service, my fine art is a process for communicating my pure thoughts and visions. Unlike commercial work which uses my creative talents as a tool to solve clients creative needs (thus the service), my fine art is self involved and self motivated. Those of you who know me realize that I am made-up of  many layers; and most of those layers I am not comfortable, through my art,  sharing except through metaphor and symbology. Metaphor and symbology, while valid forms of expression, they are not always the most intrinsic forms of communication. More clearly they are more like their ancient dionysiac counterparts–masks, which allow the artist to adeptly move between characters.

I have become enthralled with the PBS series ART21. For those of you who have not discovered this series it is a must watch (or must own). In the series established artists present and discuss their work. I mean truly, intellectually discuss their work. You are often given insight into inception and technique. Some of the work you may love, some you may hate, but what you learn about the art and artist is presented in clear, thoughtful dialogue. What sets these artists apart is their ability to clearly communicate their art and their reasons for creating their art, and this is what sets them apart.

Thus one of my highest goals has become to alleviate the boundaries that I have created around my fine art so that I can thoughtfully and clearly communicate the processes and meanings to those who are interested in my work. This blog is one of the first steps. From here I will try my best to highlight the "whys and hows" of my work. Please feel free to comment, critique, and discuss as you feel led because communication is never a one-way street.

NOTE: I mentioned ART21 but way before this series I was blessed to come across an independent documentary entitled Painters Painting by Emile de Antonio. In this film Emile interviews all of the Abstract Expressionists and asks them to define/explain their work. Before ART21 I watched this film over and over; it is brilliance and a peek into one of the most magnificent times in American art.