Add More Noise

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yah I should be working...

Just felt like adding some more noise to your I am working in an office building in Burnaby a neighborhood in Vancouver BC. So the cool thing about this neighborhood is that it is one of the central spots for movie production companies. I LOVE movies and TV shows especially science fiction!

So I just found out that they are shooting the new FOX series Almost Human in the office complex next to ours. The Executive Producer is JJ Abrams...freakin JJ Abrams (Lost, Star Trek...Star Wars :) Even cooler I'm peepin out the window watching them prepare for some shooting and I swear I see JJ himself! I am such a scifi nerd that I am pretty sure I swooned :)

I also found out that they are shooting the new season of Falling Skies under a bridge near my hotel. I am thinking that I might have to apply for some extra work! Wouldn't that be cool? Just thought I would spread some noise...will keep everyone updated with more of my Vancouver BC adventures as they happen.