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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

245 lbs and dropping

It's true since getting serious about my health I have worked to change my eating habits, increase my exercise, and I've added meditation to my daily practices. So far I am down 25 lbs, and I have come off my Enbrel and Testosterone therapy. My psoriasis is almost completely gone and the inflammation I suffered due to the psoriatic arthritis is gone. 

What have I done differently? Well first off I have up all soda and began drinking a lot of water. I have also begun taking a product called Plexus ( -shameless plug for my beautiful wife) that helps regulate my blood sugar. Likewise, I have begun eating a Paleo diet eliminating all wheat flour from my diet-try to eat foods that are fresh, GMO-free, and hormone free. I've also added daily probiotics to my routine.

The last addition is a daily walk/jog of 3-miles and some 15 min stationary bike breaks throughout the day. I feel awesome and I am excited to be throwing away my big boy clothes :)

Just felt like sharing! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cubist-esque Texas

I've been sketching and pondering changing the theme of my art to something nearer and dearer to my in Texas! For those of you "not from these parts" there is a lot of good about Texas and being a Texan that would be very interesting seen through the eyes of my colorful, multidimensional, and excessively patterned art. 

As I mentioned before I am in the process of selecting some artwork from my vast inventory to sell on Etsy and once I have paid the man and can save enough for more paint I will start the new series. I am actually very excited about this direction! I'll keep you posted.

Def Leppard, Kiss, and now Alice Cooper and Mötley Crüe ...

Me best mate Derek and I are having a week of Metal! Sunday night we went and saw Def Leppard and Kiss. I really dug DL but KISS not so much. Before I start getting hate-mail from the members of KISS Army let me try and explain myself. After watching so many episodes of the Gene Simmons show and hearing how he screwed Ace Freely and Peter Kris out of millions of $$. It's hard to watch all the theatrics without thinking that Gene has said that when he gets too old he's considering franchising the KISS brand to a younger group of NeoRockers to continue the KISS legacy...WTF! 

Etsy FTW...or uh, maybe not.

I'm trying to navigate the creation of a store in Etsy. Should be easy but every time I start I realize I need something else (e.g., good pictures of artwork, prices, cute but accurate descriptions) So what do I do? That's correct I procrastinate and then get busy with something with less roadblocks :) keep posted for updates on progress.