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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

245 lbs and dropping

It's true since getting serious about my health I have worked to change my eating habits, increase my exercise, and I've added meditation to my daily practices. So far I am down 25 lbs, and I have come off my Enbrel and Testosterone therapy. My psoriasis is almost completely gone and the inflammation I suffered due to the psoriatic arthritis is gone. 

What have I done differently? Well first off I have up all soda and began drinking a lot of water. I have also begun taking a product called Plexus ( -shameless plug for my beautiful wife) that helps regulate my blood sugar. Likewise, I have begun eating a Paleo diet eliminating all wheat flour from my diet-try to eat foods that are fresh, GMO-free, and hormone free. I've also added daily probiotics to my routine.

The last addition is a daily walk/jog of 3-miles and some 15 min stationary bike breaks throughout the day. I feel awesome and I am excited to be throwing away my big boy clothes :)

Just felt like sharing! 

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